Secrets of Our Soil









Nobuo Waki, farmer and president of AGRIALLIANCE CO., LTD, which our company has been collaborating with, spent eight years perfecting our soil. We also sought the cooperation of Kume Hiryo Co., Ltd. and honorary professor Masaru Tanokura from the Graduate school of Agricultural and Life Sciences at The University of Tokyo.

Why are we so dedicated to perfecting soil?
We believe that “soil” is the very heart of agriculture. 
Delicious meals are made from delicious products, which are deeply connected to soil.

In humans, a fetus obtains nutrients from the mothers’ blood and babies from milk.
For plants, their mothers are the soil. Soil not only lends nutrients to plants but also represents their habitat. How easily the roots of the plants grow and how easily drainage takes place are influenced by soil quality.

-What type of environment
-What type of fertilizer
-What type of component analysis
to make perfectly balanced ideal soil? We eventually discovered the answers.
However, even then, it still takes over five years to prepare ideal soil from an average field. Our devotion to organic cultivation means an investment in time.

We enlisted the expertise of Professor Tanokura from the University of Tokyo to supervise our farming methods and soil quality from a nutritional standpoint. We have been continuing to prepare and improve our soil based on his scientific analysis.

All of our products are nurtured in this soil. We are extremely particular about our organic method of cultivation and processing, but you could say we are most particular about our cherished soil—the very heart of our products.