Agri-Innovation Unit

Mr. Masaru Tanokura, a leading scholar on Yojokun: Life lessons of a samurai.

Mr. Masaru Tanokura is a researcher of "Yojokun" that draw lessons of physical and mental health care. He has set up a laboratory to study the "science of Yojokun" and is researching anti-ageing and health maintenance in the modern age, as well as the seeds of technology from a broad perspective spanning medicine, food and agriculture. He helps the Goodsoil Group by analysing soils and crops to provide a chemical approach to farming methods and the nutritional aspects of crops.

Artisans of the field and vegetable growing

I am responsible for the preparation of the Goodsoil Group's fields. The ideal soil has been created over the last eight years. The preparation of the soil begins with an understanding of the current situation. What nutrients are contained in the current farmland and what is lacking? A precise analysis allows us to make the right decisions and provide the crops with the right balance of nutrients to create the ideal soil.

GSG, the new agricultural innovator

In order for Japan's agriculture industry to grow into a strong and attractive business while solving a wide range of problems, it is essential to create a platform that is easy to enter and profitable. We have started researching how to make the best use of ideal soil and smart farming, and have developed, provided and supported solutions to enable profitable farming. We are committed to creating a wide range of benefits, from cultivation to business management.

Mastering the value of soil for taste

The ideal soil and the natural bounty that comes from it: the Good Soil Harvest series. We cultivate with thorough attention to detail, starting with soil preparation. We make the harvested produce even tastier and healthier products.

The artisan of Agritrend

Attractive planning for "Agri-Trend Transmitting Farms" that convey the ideal soil, "Urban Farms" and "Hands-on Farms where People Want to Visit." We also create trend-setting agri-tools that are stylish and cool, from a design perspective.

An agent that delivers the bounty of the soil

How should we deliver products made from agricultural produce grown and harvested with great care and attention to detail, starting with the soil preparation? In order to deliver the value of the Goodsoil Harvest series to the public, we promote the development of media sales channels through a variety of media activities and collaborations with other industries.