Representative message

Soil is our origin

We come from the soil and to the soil we return

We human beings were born on the earth, ate the blessings of the earth, and have a long history of returning to the earth after their lives. In order to pass down our lives, we have cultivated our land, turn it into field, and found the origin of food in the land.

However, in recent years, for pursuit of rationalization and modern chemistry, environmental problems including pesticides, genetic recombination (species), and nuclear power plants have been unfolded, while natural environmental problems such as global warming and climate change have become more serious. People are beginning to realize that the graceful land is at a critical stage.

Under such circumstances, I met Nobuo Waki, the representative of Agri-Alliance Co., Ltd., who was more passionate about "soil making", and Mr. Masaru Tanokura, Professor Emeritus of the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, the University of Tokyo. With their support and cooperation, our industry-academia collaborative "soil making" project has been launched.

We are particular about making "good soil", which is the basis for making excellent vegetables and agricultural products. And, we aim to be a company that can contribute to improve the health of people by newly analyzing and researching the components of agricultural products, which are the blessings.

Chuichi Aradono CEO