Peanut paste AGRIA

Miracle Peanut Paste

Eight years of meticulous attention to detail have gone into the perfection of this product.

Peanut paste AGRIA
Peanut paste AGRIA
Peanut paste AGRIA
Peanut paste AGRIA
Peanut paste AGRIA
Peanut paste AGRIA

Our product, Peanut butter AGRIA has changed its name to "Peanut paste AGRIA".

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The Minister's Secretariat Director-General's Award!

Peanut paste AGRIA
  • No. 1 in sales last year!
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  • World-famous pianist Fuzjko Hemming praised it!

We are pleased to announce that AGRIA peanut paste has won the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister's Secretariat Award (Domestic Agricultural and Forestry Products Use Category) in the Excellent Hometown Food Central Contest 2021.

The 5 secrets behind the special peanut paste AGRIA


Eight years just to perfect the soil

We put enormous effort into preparing out soil -- Eight years in fact to create the perfect condition. After all, soil defines the quality of the product.
We use plant-based organic fertilizers to cultivate the ideal soil for growing our peanuts. We also collaborated with honorary professor Masaru Tanokura of the Graduate school of Agricultural and Life Sciences at The University of Tokyo who analyzed the data of our fields so that we could develop nutritious soil.


Our original methods of cultivation

We succeeded in producing peanuts that are abundant in potassium. We have fields with depths of about 80-90 centimeters. After harvesting the peanuts, we dry them under sunlight inside plastic greenhouses. We grow our peanuts without using any pesticides and do all work by hand, spending lots of time and love in the process.


We insist on using astringent skins for our peanut paste

First of all, our product looks different compared to other peanut paste brands. The reason for this is because we also use the "astringent" skins. The skins are abundant in a type of polyphenol called "Resveratrol". Resveratrol is believed to affect anti-aging genes called sirtuin, helping to slow down aging and prevent cancer. The astringent skins play a significant role in maintaining health -- all while boosting AGRIA's delicious taste.


Recipe from the chef of FRANCE-YA

Since we have produced top class peanuts, we thought it would be the best to ask a top notch chef to create a recipe using our peanut paste. And so we consulted with the executive chef of French restaurant FRANCE-YA, which is operated by the Kamotsuru sake brewer. The bespoke restaurant has even hosted the Emperor of Japan.
The chef worked with our carefully produced peanuts, salt and sugar from sugarcane. We tried ten different salt types and we finally hit on the best: Amabito-no-Moshio. Rich in minerals, it is made from hondawara seaweed, which is found in the Seto inland sea.
Enjoy the delicious aroma of our peanuts and the rich and creamy taste in peanut paste AGRIA, nade to perfection.


Peanuts — a treasure trove of nutrition

Peanuts are highly nutritious and are considered a "super food". People have been paying attention to our peanuts, even featured on popular TV shows in Japan, "Tameshite-Gatten".
According to the research carried out by Harvard University, people who eat a handful of nuts daily were 20 % less likely to die from lifestyle-related diseases compared to those who do not. We recommend our peanut paste for long and healthy lives.
We would especially like people to focus on the saturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids in peanuts, essential fatty acids for human nutrition. The health-conscious may already be aware, but these help strengthen our blood vessels and lower the risk of death caused by cerebal hemorrhage or heart disease through controlling blood cholesterol, reducing neutral fat and preventing blood clots.

The Power of Peanuts

Nutrients in Peanuts


Peanuts contain Vitamin E which is effective for promoting anti-aging and improve one's resistence to cold. Also, they contain Vitamin B3 that can prevent hangovers and Vitamin B1 that can assist effective conversion of glucose to energy within the body. One of the isomers of Vitamin E, which is the α-tocopherol has antioxidative effect which limits the oxidation of the cells that cause aging of the body. Therefore, this α-tocopherol also contributes to promote anti-aging.


Minerals help maintain the body function. Minerals that are included in peanuts are potassium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus. Potassium is effective for letting excess sodium and water from the body and lower the blood pressure. One of the phospholipids such as lecithin is known for activating neurons in the brain and improve memorization skills and cognitive function. What is more, resveratrol can inhibit the effect of amyloid-β, which may destroy neurons. Therefore, this indicates that we can also prevent dimentia.

Unsaturated fatty acids

It is anticipated that unsaturated fatty acids contribute to lower the level of cholesterol in blood and therefore prevent lifestyle disease. Unsaturated fatty acids that are contained in peanuts include oleic acid and linoleic acid.


Peanuts contain various amino acids. For example, they have tryptophan, which has calming and relaxing effects, and glycin, which can improve the quality of sleep and contribute to maintaining luminous skin. Valine is known for its effect on burning fat, and therefore our peanuts can also aid weight loss.

AGRIA to prevent heat stroke

When humans sweat, we lose not only water but also sodium, potassium and magnesium that are included in salt content. Normally, the sodium level in blood is 0.9% and the deficiency of sodium lost by sweating may trigger hyponatremia.

In addition, lack of potassium and magnesium causes dehydration, visceral dysfunction, decreased body temperature regulation function, convulsions, loss of appetite, vomiting, consciousness disorder and brain dysfunction, and personality changes. When it becomes severe, it leads to death.

Therefore, it is important to supplement the five major nutrients, especially the electrolytes (ions), such as sodium, potassium, and magnesium, that are easily lost by sweating. Of course, don't forget to rehydrate.

Peanut paste AGRIA is rich in sodium, potassium and magnesium, which is effective for preventing heatstroke. One spoon of AGRIA per day will maintain your health.

Pictures of peanut cultivation

1/16 The ideal soil from Good Soil Group

2/16 Seeds that are not genetically modified (Left: Large drop size, Right: Regular size)

3/16 Peanut saplings have sprouted

4/16 Our organized farm

5/16 We protect and let them grow

6/16 Weeds also grow from our soil as it is rich in nutrients

7/16 Even on a rainy day or a windy day, we always remove weeds by hand. We hope that the nutrients will only be absorbed by our peanuts.

8/16 Even on a rainy day or a windy day, we always remove weeds by hand. We hope that the nutrients will only be absorbed by our peanuts.

9/16 Conveying our feelings

10/16 Conveying our feelings

11/16 Harvest time

12/16 Harvest time

13/16 Dried under sunlight

14/16 Dried under sunlight

15/16 Dried under sunlight

16/16 Dried under sunlight for one and a half months, nutrients in the peanuts are now concentrated.