Peanuts, Tenpi-pi

Peanuts, Tenpi-pi

100% sun-dried peanuts

Regular size / Large drop size

Peanuts born from ideal soil


Consume with confidence

These peanuts were produced by using plant-based fermented organic fertilizer at the joint research farm Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo.


Enjoy these health benefits

Polyphenols are expected to have antioxidant effects, skin beautification, dementia prevention, and eye aging prevention effects.

Oleic acid and linoleic acid are expected to have the effect of reducing bad cholesterol and maintaining healthy blood vessels.

Lecithin is expected to have the effect of activating nerve cells in the brain and enhancing memory.


Elaborate soil making

We will dig deep into about 80 to 90 cm to drain the underdrain and prepare well-drained soil. Using fermented vegetable fertilizer, microorganisms break down large organic matter in the soil and take time to make the soil until it becomes fluffy. Precise analysis provides the crop with the necessary balanced nutrients.


Sun-dried in greenhouse

For a month and a half, hang it in the house and dry it under the sun. Over time, nutrients and umami ingredients such as minerals will condense and become delicious peanuts.