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Creating soil for the future of agriculture

Creating soil for the future of agriculture Goodsoil Group, Inc.

We, the Goodsoil Group, have spent the past 8 years creating the "ideal soil (Goodsoil)".
A very important factor in this process was the comprehensive analysis of soil and crop components by Professor Emeritus Masaru Tanokura of the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, and his support.

Soil cultivation professionals use their "experience and intuition" to improve the soil and grow crops.We are researching to convert the experience and intuition of these professionals into scientifically-evidenced agriculture by "structuring", "quantifying", and "visualizing" it, and applying it to actual farming.

The Goodsoil Group will continue to promote joint research in agriculture and academia in a wide range of regions through joint research farms established in various locations, based on the metabolome analysis and support of Professor Emeritus Masaru Tanokura of the University of Tokyo's Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

Dr. Masaru Tanokura

Dr. Masaru Tanokura, Distinguished Professor, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, University of Tokyo

We maintain our lives by eating the blessings of the earth every day.Based on the Goodsoil Group's belief that food that is good for human life can only come from good earth, we have been working for many years to create soil that is good for crops. In collaboration with the Goodsoil Group, we are conducting the following research to clarify the reasons and mechanisms by which the soil of Waki Farm, which is carefully cultivated using plant-based compost, produces safe, secure and healthy food.

1) To explain why being particular about soil is good for crops, based on the structure and microbiota of the soil.

2) To understand why crops grown in our carefully selected soil are tasty and good for maintaining human health and vitality through comprehensive analysis of their components (metabolome analysis).

(3) We will elucidate the functionality and mechanisms of foods produced from our carefully grown crops by performing comprehensive metabolomic analysis to understand why they are tasty and good for human health.

Our results so far have revealed that they are rich in minerals and other substances that help prevent heat stroke, along with substances that are effective in maintaining health and inhibiting aging. We will continue to conduct research hand in hand with GSG to scientifically elucidate the benefits of quality soil delicious and healthy foods, good crops as their raw materials, and the goodness of the particular soil that produces such crops, in response to global warming and global environmental issues.