Our ideal soil

We come from the soil and to the soil we return

Although we knew this fact, we might have sacrifised and damaged our earth continuously to perceive the blessings of the nature with modern agriculture. As a result, it is now difficult for us to ditinguish between products that are good for health and the others.

Can we let this damaged soil being taken over by our precious children?

Our earnest feelings led to the encounter with Mr. Waki, who makes wonderful soil and vegetables, and Professor Emeritus Tanokura of the Graduate School of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the University of Tokyo.

"Good soil grows good food and makes happy." The basis for producing excellent crops is to stick to good soil. By analyzing and researching the components of soil and crops, we would like to contribute to people's healthy life. — We want to elucidate the mechanism and contribute to the healthy lives of people.

Soil, agricultral products, processed foods ——We are commiited to making the real things.