Applying Science to Agriculture

We want to make the best soil and products that had never existed. To achieve this goal, we will be combining science with agririculture.

Honorary professor Masaru Tanokura

Yojokun research authority: Honorary professor Masaru Tanokura

Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences. The University of Tokyo

Honorary professor Tanokura is a Yojokun researcher. He established a research lab based on Yojokun and has been studying the relation between food, farming, exercise and lifestyle as well as the latest methods for anti-aging and maintaining good health. He has been supporting us by sharing the analysis of our soil and products, and also by giving advice on farming methods.

Nobuo Waki, President of AGRIALLIANCE Co., LTD

Soil and vegetable cultivator: Nobuo Waki, President of AGRIALLIANCE Co., LTD

Agricultural Production Corporation Agri Alliance

Waki starts out by ascertaining the condition of a field to make the soil. What kind of nutrients does the field already have? Are there many deficient nutrients? From detailed analysis, he provides the necessary nutrients to create the ideal soil. He spent eight years making the perfect soil for our plants.