Announcement of the change of our company name and the logo.

Thank you very much for your continued patronage.
We will be changing our company's name from 2nd of October 2020. Our company is now named "Good Soil Group Co., Ltd" instead of "S&P Co., Ltd".


We would also like to announce that we decided to reopen the website and recreate our logo.


We will continue to strive for improvement.
Thank you for very much for your understanding.

We opened a new farm!

We opened a new farm! One Piece Kamagari Farm.


Higashi Hiroshima City


Kamagari-cho, Kure City

How to eat peanut butter AGRIA after opening

Peanut Butter AGRIA does not use any food additives such as thickeners or emulsifiers. Therefore, the peanut oil may become separated, but there is no problem with the quality and taste. When eating after opening, please mix well with a spoon from the bottom before serving.

In addition, this product mixes peanuts with their thin skin which contain polyphenols, so in cases where thin skin is found in the paste, please enjoy it without worry.