Product Development

Good Soil Harvest

Delivering value born from good soil

Our commitment and the foundation of our attempt is "ideal soil". The "power" of this soil nurtures crops that are delicious and good for the body. From crops to processed foods, the value of "soil" is linked in a value chain that is delivered to you. What you eat is the "power" of the soil itself.

Peanuts are a typical example of such a crop, and we are making various attempts to commercialize "special peanuts" into even more special peanuts.
These include "AGRIA Peanut Paste," for which we asked Chef Fujiwara of the restaurant "FURANCE-YA" to develop the recipe, "Shelled Peanuts, Tenpippi," which are peanuts dried under sunlight in complete house cultivation, and "REISE," which was developed in collaboration with Suteria, a Swiss chocolate brand. In the future, we will further focus on developing products other than peanuts that are "enjoyable and delicious" and good for health.

We will also provide a variety of products and services to new farmers and people involved in agriculture.
In order to make farming a career of aspiration, we will first develop apparel and other goods with the aim of making farming fashionable. We also aim to develop a system of smart agriculture that makes farming simpler and cooler, and to design and develop related equipment.

We are a company that creates "agriculture, the world, and the future" and contributes to society through "agriculture".

Product Delivery Strategy

(Communicating the value of good soil in every possible way)

Food Upcycling

(Adding new value to things that have been thrown away)